Tuesday Toddler Tales

This week's Toddler Tales is all about communication because it's happening all day long... so exciting!!!

Emily is starting to string together two and three word phrases and it's just amazing to hear her talk. Sometimes, I can understand exactly what she is saying and other time I only get one word.

Somethings she says pretty regularly are:

"Lucy go nigh-night"
"Bye-bye puzzle" (you can replace "puzzle" with just about any word as she tells everything and everyone bye-bye right now)
"Mama go potty" (she's starting to make the connection of what the bathroom is and what is done in there)
"Put shoes on"
"Poo poo mama"
"Daddy go work"
"No touching" (we say this to prevent her from touching anything that could be dangerous to her, anything that doesn't belong to her and anything that we just don't want her touching like the remote control... rather than saying; "No" all day long)
"My fork"
"Read books mama"
"Get it mama"
"Clean hands"
"Toothbrush and toothpaste" (which comes out as "boo brush 'n foofpace") - she says this every single night the second I get her out of the tub. She loves to brush her teeth... er, eat the toothpaste. ;)

I do my very best NOT to speak "baby" to her, instead speaking as I would to another adult to encourage her to fill in the blanks with the proper "and"s, "if"s and "the"s.

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