A bout with insomnia

Ugh... I haven't had a good night's rest in days!

I have trouble falling asleep:
I think about the day, I think about what I left undone, I think about what more I have to do the rest of this week and, before I know it, I've been laying in bed for four hours and haven't slept a wink!

I have trouble staying a sleep:
Emily's cough or a kick to the back of her crib while rolling over that I hear over the baby monitor wakes me up as if the smoke detector had gone off. David elbowing me in the back or stealing the covers wakes me up... I am now disgruntled. The trash trucks at 4:00AM on Tuesdays wake me up. And I can't fall back asleep. I am too hot, I am too cold, my left arm fell asleep and now, those thoughts that kept me from falling asleep in the first place have invaded my thoughts once again and I am awake.

I have tried the tried-and-true remedies of taking a bath and reading a book before bed.

I have tried not drinking a beer or glass (or three!) of wine.

I have tried eating dinner earlier to ensure my stomach is settled.

I have even taken sleep aids.

I exercise, I eat well and I don't have any stress in my life to speak of. I'm so happy in my life and have been for a long time. I just can't put my finger on what is "wrong".

I'm exhausted because nothing is working and I just don't know why!

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