Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

My little girl turned 2 Years Old today... where did the time go???? :)

I woke her up and sang; "Happy Birthday" to her, dressed her in her brand new birthday shirt Gran bought for her and took her for a very special, birthday donut that had chocolate icing and sprinkles on top... she was in heaven and would rather have a donut than cake any day!

We went to Tumbling Class where all her friends (and their parents) sang to her as well and then, drove over to our favorite hangout, Crosstown Coffee Community Center to spend some more time with our friends before we came home to take our nap.

Then, we headed off to Safeway to pick up items mommy needed for her anniversary dinner with daddy tonight (3rd anniversary, people!!!) and I got to ride in a "race car" shopping cart and I got a Bumble Bee balloon! I was so excited and then, just as we checked out and were headed to the car, the balloon broke free of it's ribbon and floated away. Emily cried out, she has a thing for Bumble Bees right now but there was nothing I could do, there were no more Bumble Bee balloons at Safeway. :( They gave us our money back and we went home... Emily's tears subsided as soon as we got in the car and she heard her favorite Music Together CD playing so, all was not lost.

Happy Birthday, Emily Claire!!!

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