Happy 3rd Anniversary: Leather!

The "You & Me" mugs flower arrangement I sent David :)

With so much going on and all our recent travels, David and I agreed (and he was over-joyed at this idea, originally!) to hang at home for a quiet, romantic, anniversary date IN and it was fabulous!

I sent David flowers at work (like I do every year because he loves them!) along with a brand new, leather photo frame that held a recent photo of just us together from Disneyland. Why a leather photo frame? Because leather (along with Fushia and Crystal) is the traditional 3rd anniversary gift. :) I had stuffed it in his bag and he didn't actually find it until he was at work, when we went downstairs to eat lunch (my plan worked!). He loved it!

I spent the day shopping and planning our dinner menu:
New York Strip Steaks
Baked potatoes and roasted vegetables
Cesar Salad with dressing I made from scratch!
French bread & Brie Cheese for starters

And for dessert: chocolate-covered strawberries I made myself!

David was stoked when he walked in the door and saw what I had planned and we had such a great candle-lit dinner and we really did have a great time, eating and talking over a great bottle wine. Then, I got to read my card and open my gift: a new Coach wallet... except I already owned the one he bought me. ha! Does my husband know me or what? I'm going to exchange it for a gorgeous, fushia, colored one that is also leather.

We're making plans for an anniversary trip next year already!

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