Our ANNUAL Group Birthday Party - The Herd Turns 2!!!

What a great day!

Today was our Annual Group Birthday Party, titled; "The Herd Turns 2", that I was in-charge of organizing this year.

We did a Safari theme that included a sugar sheet I purchased from The Party Works to put on the cake I baked, animal-shaped stamps for the favor bags and animal ballooons. We hosted the party at Ruby's Tumbling and, in hindsight, it was the best decision we made! For $150, all 8 of our kids got to run around and tumbling, as they do every week in class, with all their little baby friends, in a safe, comfortable environment while the parents got to enjoy watching and hang back and bit and talk. Ruby herself did all the set up of the tables, balloons, banners and chairs, kept us on our timeline, helped us move from room to room and did all the clean up! She even took a group photo of us that we have done every year. It really was just perfect! Simple, easy, and cost $41 per family... talk about affordable! We didn't have any food this year as we had all agreed we'd rather go out to eat after the party at nearby La Pinata so, the part was from 10:00am to Noon and we just served a slice of cake at the end. This really was great because no one was interested in eating over-priced, cold pizza or other typical party food AND we knew none of the kids would want to sit down and eat when they could be running around, playing. :) After we sang; "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake, it was time to open gifts. Every year, we do a secret draw and each family buys the gift for the child they drew and our limit is always $25.00. It really takes the pressure off of each family feeling they need to buy a gift for every child each year! Emily got the new, Fisher Price Little People Animal Train, which she hasn't stopped playing with all day!

David took video again this year, which I cannot wait for him to compress so I can get it online!

Patty's husband, Seton was in charge of all the pics for the day so, I am anxiously yet patiently awaiting them to arrive!

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