Studio Grow with friends Kemmeo and Kellina

Emily and I met up with Kemmeo and her son, Darius and Kellina and her son Caden at Studio Grow this morning and had such a great time!

Fun with water tables (notice this patio is completely closed off to keep all wetness outside)

I hadn't visited Studio Grow since Emily was about 16 months old (no clue why) but was so excited to return, to see what interested Emily most and was quite surprised that it was the Art Room, specifically the painting easels! She pulled up a chair, sat herself down, grabbed a paint brush and went to town on about 8 sheets of paper! hahaha :) Thank goodness we had visited the water tables first and I had already taken her nice shirt off, leaving her in a onesie and put an art smock on her to keep her dry and clean because she had paint everywhere!!!

Emily creating her very FIRST painting masterpiece!

The staff at Studio Grow informed me that they use the non-toxic, washable Colorations Brand of paint and water color for all their art projects and, after seeing for myself how easily it came off of skin and clothes with JUST WATER, I am ordering some for us here at home! You can check out Colorations **CLICK HERE**!

After an hour painting and playing in the water tables, Emily was to anxious to run, tumble and slide that she refused her snack and nearly knocked down little Caden on her way! Caden has just started walking and was super in to the slide, climbing structure and ball pint (the same things Emily loved at that age) but little 10 month old Darius went after the paint and water tables, which I expected since his mommy is a fantastic artist! Thanks, ladies for a wonderul morning and we can't wait to meet up with you again soon!

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