Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen sweet sentiments I received on Facebook recently:

Susan Remmert at 8:30am September 10
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!! Time flies...

Kelli Hanson Bacher wrote at 6:41am
Happy Anniversary!! And Happy Birthday, Emily! Two beautiful events to celebrate! Have a wonderful day!

Melissa Malonzo wrote at 7:07am
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Emily! Hope you guys have a great day =)

Sheila Ali Mayfield wrote at 8:25am
Happy 3rd Anniversary to you and David!! We celebrated our 3rd this year as well. :-) And Happy 2nd Birthday to Emily - big birthday hugs and kisses from Carter and Spencer!!

JoAnn Crisostomo Valderama wrote at 9:25am
Happy 3rd Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Emily! You have plenty to celebrate! :)

Janessa Oriol wrote at 9:26am
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Emily! What an exciting day!

Rena Fowler wrote at 9:27am
Double happy day to you!!!

Elizabeth Roses Siruno wrote at 10:28am
Happy Anniversary!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Emily :D

Liza Henriquez wrote at 11:23am
Happy Double Play!! Anniversary for the love birds and birthday for the love bug!! Hope your family boasts in happiness and celebration on such a special day! Hugs

Melissa Sam wrote at 11:56am
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday E !! What a fabulous day :)
Big hugs !

Linda Whitten Kolosey wrote at 9:16pm
Happy Anniversary! and Happy 2nd Birthday Emily! that is so great. I can't wait to hear about Disneyland~

Sophie Rah wrote at 5:06am
I hope Emily had a great 2nd birthday, and you had a great 3rd anniversary!

Marisol Lopez at 5:00pm September 11
Yeah they did! But you cheated by starting with a really cute baby in the first place. ;)

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