Thursday Thirteen

This idea was originally Kemmeo's (you can view her blog ***HERE***) so, thank you darling for being the inspiration for this week's Thursday Thirteen!

Being A Mom Means (as told by my peers)...

....never being able to finish a warm meal.
...getting wet, sloppy kisses.
...being able to do anything with one hand.
...feeling full of love when you hear your child yelling "Mama!!!" at the top of her lungs because she is so happy to see you.
...reading the same books over and over and over again!
...appreciating the small things, and the knowing power one 6 tooth grin can have. up dry clean only clothes and shopping binges for all the right reasons
...celebrating accomplishments big and small! Our current favorite celebrations are for brushing teeth, opening the garage door and practicing cleaning up :)
...having snot, food, dirt, etc on your clothes.
...sharing food with others and not worrying about germs.
... never dictating your own schedule.
... being amazed at somebody doing the most mundane things (baby obsessing over the silliest things like.. paper)
... having no shame about nursing in public, even for somebody who was previously horrified at the thought
... loving someone to a degree that you never imagined was possible.
...being ok with missing my favorite shows so that we can have our family game nights or mommy/son date nights or watching my son's favorite shows instead.
...sometimes you just have to get up and leave someplace even though you are starving but your kid flat out REFUSES to sit in a highchair at the restaurant!
...never getting a shower 7x a week
...while you are cleaning the house, your toddler is destroying it
...the whole lick your hand and wipe their face, who knew......
...functioning at work on 3-4 hrs sleep! :)
...your heart melting when DS gives me his semi toothless smile.
...rushing home from work to pick up lucas at daycare.
...being spit up on, pee'd on and not mind it.
sometimes trying to keep yourself in check even though you feel like you want to explode.
...Leaving a work meeting because you have a "date" with your child(ren) and knowing which one is more important.
...Swaying/rocking while standing in line - even when baby isn't with you
...Using a filled snack trap as a shopping stopwatch - you'd better be through the checkout before it's empty!
...Learning that the smallest person in your life can bring you the biggest laughs and the most joy
...Finding out what's truly important in life
...Not caring about toys all over the floor, laundry needing to be folded, bathrooms to be cleaned, or dishes in the sink so you can lay on the floor and color.
...seeing the world through brand new eyes
...learning to "hold it" even when your bladder is exploding
...always having snacks in the car!
...pretending to be scared/surprised when you know they are hiding behind a wall and then they jump out to startle you ... and then watching them giggly hysterically.
...having a built-in excuse to get out of any social event you don't want to attend.
...having someone to blame your toots on (ha!)
...looking at your boobs in a whole new way
...realizing you can love something more than you love your cat
...knowing all the words to Green Eggs and Ham, Nemo, Cars, etc. by heart
...that no matter what pain/injury your husband should endure one day, it will NEVER compare to giving birth and breastfeeding. He could lose a limb and it wouldn't compare. Hehehe.
...getting used to Cheerio crumbs and various wrappers in your car, purse, and on your clothes.
...learning how to truly multi-task.
...completing your personal definition of fulfilment, love, and purpose.
...learning to differentiate uncomfortable grunts versus pooping grunts.
...never looking at life, love, or happiness the same way.
...being okay w/ being more emotional... due to commercials, songs, books, video montages.
... finally understanding how much your mom loves you.

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