Tuesday Toddler Tales

It's no secret we don't give Emily juice.

We are big advocates of only giving children water (or milk) until they have at least seen a Dentist around age 3, just to evaluate their teeth and talk to a professional about the effects of juice on baby teeth. We judge others who give their kids juice, we don't care what other people do, we just don't buy it and to be honest, Emily has never shown any interest in the juice other kids have so, it hasn't been something we think about for 2 years now.

Today, while at Target, getting some lunch, she reached out and grabbed a juice box and said; "juice, mama?" questioningly, as if asking me if she could have the juice. I thought well, why not, it won't kill her and she probably won't even like it so, I purchased the $0.89 100% organic grape juice and gave it to her. She unwrapped the straw and pierced the little cardboard box herself and took a sip. It came right back up! haha As I knew it would. Grape juice is strong!!!

She played around with the straw a bit and tried it a few more times before handing it to me saying; "no like it". :)

I drank the juice.

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