Water Aerobics Battle for the "Fast" Lane

Water aerobics, my new cardio love interest at Mariner Square Health Club!

This photo is representative of the class I take:
100% women
A good mix of young, mature and old ladies
About 75% out of shape and 25% fit ladies
Lots of moving around, lots of splashing

The last point, "lots of moving around, lots of splashing" is the reason my class is divided into three lanes that are titled; "slow", "moderate", and "fast" in which each member of the class is supposed to get into at the start of the class and then, change lanes should you see that you are not in the appropriate lane.

Note that I said "supposed to"...


For the last month I have gone to my Water Aerobics class on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 6:00PM and have left the class exasperated, frustrated, annoyed and not even short of breath as my "work out" consisted of me barely even moving in the pool, no matter which lane I chose (I'm always in the "fast" lane!) because of all the women who would rather chit chat than get a good work out (typical of most 70-somethings at my gym) AND who would not take a moment to look around and see that the rest of the pool was being held back. How can these women be so unaware and so downright rude?!?!?

What makes matters worse is our Instructor, who just wants these women to keep showing up to her class so she gets a paycheck, won't gently reiterate the Lane Policy despite multiple weekly complaints and maybe suggest everyone take a moment to evaluate their position in the pool to ensure they are getting the most out of their workout. Totally appropriate in my opinion, don't you think?

Don't you think the Instructor should do what's best for the entire class?

I am pissed and sad because I really do love this class and would hate to stop going but I just can't stand taking the time to drive up to the gym, leave Emily in their Nanny Care, get all suited up for the pool only to feel I wasted an hour and a half of my time for the day when I could be in a Spinning Class where everyone is on a stationary bike and there's no chance for any of them to invade my lane.


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