Who needs a Gardener when you have a handy hubby like mine!

With this house came a front yard and actual landscape...

That we have to maintain. Ugh! :(

After our first month here, we began to notice how quickly the plants, grass, rose bushes and trees grow and just how much work it was going to be for us to keep it trimmed and looking nice and we agreed we should do a little landscaping once a month to ensure it doesn't get out of control or to hire a Gardener to come in once a month and do it for us!

Well, four months have flown by and we haven't touched the yard... until today and boy, was it a lot of work but didn't necessitate hiring a Garden because I have the handiest husband around. ha! :)

David was up on our ladder, trimming the huge Japanese Willow tree that had grown over the sidewalk and was shading all the plants from the sun at 3:30PM and had it cone to my satisfaction (tough job!) and completely cleaned up by 8:15PM. I trimmed the Honeysuckle bushes, rose bushes and Hydrangea plants as well as swept up all the trimmings I could and got them all up in our green compost can in the meantime. Emily ran around with her shovel, helping me put stuff in the can. It was actually fun and not as hard as we originally thought but we won't let it go that long next time!

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