SYTYCD - Week 1 Results

Stop reading NOW if you have yet to watch the results show! This post each week will reveal the bottom three couples, the result of whom went home and my personal thoughts.

The bottom three couples:
Tony & Paris
Asuka & Vuitolio
Karla & Johnathan

Girl who was sent home:

Guy who was sent home:

I honestly think Paris is an amazing dancer, her solo was really really really good but I get what the judges were saying about trying to keep the genres as even as they can when considering who to send home. Although, I thought Asuka's solo was spastic and just "ok" and based on her performance last night, I would've sent her home. I totally agree with them sending Tony home, I never felt he should've been invited on the show in the first place. So, this means the remaining couples stay in tact as Paris and Tony were the couple sent home.

Can't wait for next week!!!


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