SYTYCD - Week 2 Results

Stop reading NOW if you have yet to watch the results show! This post each week will reveal the bottom three couples, the result of whom went home and my personal thoughts.

The bottom three couples:
Caitlin & Jason
Ashley & Kupono
Kayla & Max [ok, WTF?!?!?!?]

Girl who was sent home:

Guy who was sent home:

OK, I have to first comment on Kayla & Max being in the bottom 3... WTF, America?!?!? Yes, I get that not everyone voting will "get" every routine but Kayla & Max's routine was gorgeous and theatrical, technically perfect and really entertaining, how could you NOT like it?!? I'm so confused and now worried they are not a sure bet in this competition. :( Secondly, I can't believe they sent Max home over Kupono, why break up a couple when Max is truly very talented in a lot of genres?!?! So sad for Kupono and Kayla having to get used to new partners and even more sad that Max was sent home. :( I just don't agree...

Can't wait for next week!!!


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