Minus Jon, It’s ‘Kate Plus 8’

Everyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely LOVED the show "Jon & Kate +8" since it's very first 1-hour special and have personally been devastated since their "issues" and subsequent divorce. 

Why has this family and their journey together impacted my life so much... why do I care?  Most likely because 1) I am a married woman with children,  2) I am a bit aggressive, controlling and feel my way is best most of the time, much like Kate, which always enabled me to relate to her 3) am married to a very passive man who bottles things up at times and who seems happy to just go along with whatever makes me & Emily happy and quite possibly because 4) I have no close friends or family members who've gone through a divorce; they all seem to be happy so, The Gosselin Divorce has been quite the discussion topic amongst us all.  *sigh*

No one can deny the divorce rate in this country and how hard marriage is at times and how much harder is can be when you have children... no one is completely immune to the possibility of divorce!  I have never once thought about divorce, I'm not a doom-and-gloom kinda gal but watching it happen to a family I feel virtually close to, has really rocked me and caused me, at the least, to take a close look at my behaviors, how I treat my husband & marriage and made me that much more grateful to still be happily married!

Anywhoo, it seems Jon's play-boy behaviors as of late has caused a riff between himself and TLC because as of today, he's axed from his current, major role on the hit show "Jon & Kate +8".  In fact, it seems the show will relaunch November 2nd as "Kate +8" and Jon will now appear on the show "on a less regular basis".  Read the full NYTimes article **HERE**.

Perhaps after hearing about TLC's decision, it seems Jon is requesting that the judge put a hault to his divorce (big surprise!)... wouldn't you do the same if your meal ticket was suddenly taken away?  Loser.  You can read about all that **HERE**.


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