30-Day Shred: Day 14

Hello fat-busters!

What a lazy Sunday... it was sooooooooooo hard to workout today but I did it and, while exhausted, and still a bit hung-over from last night, it did feel good to stick to my goal of losing this weight and working out 30-day straight days.  I am so sore still... I remember it taking 4 days consecutively to get over the soreness but it feels like it's been a month!  I struggle with the push-ups in Level 1 as well as the bicycle crunches at the end of the workout but I push myself to stick it out as long as I can, never resting longer than 5 seconds.

What part of The Shred do you struggle with most?

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  1. Hi Amanda (-: I'm a day behind you on the shred and found your blog searching for "results" blogs to keep me motivated when I was ready to just quit!

    The part that I struggle with most right now is 1)finding even the 20 minutes with a 5 month old, and 2)since I just started level 2 I am having a hard time with the actual coordination required for some of the moves. As a result I'm not really keeping my heart rate up because I have to stop and figure out exactly what I'm doing.

    Good Luck! I am really enjoying your blog and it's great to know there's someone right there with me.


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