Pneumonia Watch: Day 9

Seems Pneumonia has left The Shavers Household... finally!

Emily and I both are still coughing and hacking like someone who's smoked for 20 years and I still have a ton of congestion and those dreaded sinus-headaches but we both have our appetite's back and seem to be sleeping more soundly.

What a perfect weekend to be feeling well: sunny, breezy and not a cloud in the sky!  We've spent some time pulling weeds and Emily rode her tricycle about 3 miles, I'm certain.  :)  It's nice to feel like ourselves again!


  1. Sorry you all have been feeling so yucky. :( Hopefully you're all on the mend and the coughing will be long gone soon.

  2. Glad you guys are feeling better!

  3. Aw Amanda.! I'm happy you're all on the mend now.. I finally figured out how to post comments.. I've wanted to leave comments forever and couldn't find how to...! Hugs.. and hopes for good health.


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