Thursday Thirteen

Besides Christmas and their Birthday, Easter is the most exciting time of the year for a Preschooler, and how could it not be: they get a huge basket of goodies that a huge bunny left for them that is normally overflowing with teeth-rotting chocolate & marshmallow treats and gifts as good as those you get on your birthday and the day(s) normally include a hysterical foot-race for eggs containing even more yummy things.

Our Mom's group does an Egg hunt every year and we are doing a separate one for Emily while my mom is in town the same weekend.  Emily is going to collapse from sugar overload.

Thirteen things in Emily's Easter Basket this year, at 3 1/2 years old:

1. My first book of numbers and My first zoo book
2. Giant bubble wand
3. Step 1 Thomas the Train readers and Charlie & Lola readers
4. 2 magnifying glasses and a tape measure
5. Eggs filled with quarters for her new piggy bank
6. Fisher Price Little People
7. A new toddler bed set (which we gave her early) complete with new curtains
8. Dress-up: bunny ears, sun glasses, bracelets, hats and gloves
9. A new pair of grey Converse tennis shoes
10. Her 1st pair of safety scissors
11. Play money for her cash register
12. A slinky
13. A table-top air hockey table


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