Thursday Thirteen

Three year olds are hilarious and random and just plain odd most of the time, I only wish I had my video camera on 24/7 to capture it all!

Since I don't, here's a written account of the past week with my three year old:

1. We've watched "Wall-E" and "The Pixar Shorts" 18 times.

2. Emily stole the pennies out of the valet by the front door and told me she needed them "for the plane ride, to get Grandma"... think she wants her Gran to visit?!?

3. I caught Emily with my Dear John novel and when I asked her what she was reading she replied; "it's about kitty food".  uhhh...?

4. I found 38 pictures of my toes and my butt, obviously Emily can and has used my IPhone recently to hone her photography skills.  DELETE!!!

5. While pruning the rose bushes, Emily yanked one of the flowers off, handed it to me and said; "here mama, you can keep this safe for my Grandma".  Uh, okay... where's MY flower?!?!?

6. All of a sudden Emily won't eat ham & cheese sandwiches.  She only wants the cheese and was caught a few days ago giving the cat the ham.

7. We have washed pee pee sheets 4 mornings out of 8.  *sigh*  We are obviously still potty training.

8. I called Emily "munchkin" while getting ready for Preschool and she very sternly responded; "I'm not your munchkin, I'm my Grandma's munchkin".

9. Emily chased me around the house while cleaning yesterday, practically in tears, because I blew the candle out rather than letting her do it.  I had no idea she wanted to blow the candles out, I swear!

10. I found Whale in the toilet, apparently he needed to pee.

11. While playing The Match game with an ordinary deck of cards last week, David realized that Emily recognizes almost every number from 0 - 9, getting the 6 and 9 confused at times.  They grow up so fast!

12. Emily thinks Nutella is chocolate candy.   Sssshhhh....

13. While talking loudly and laughing on the way home from Pleasanton over the weekend, Emily pipes up from the backseat; "Hey, let's all just calm down, caaaaaaaaaaalllmmmm doooooooowwwnnn".  


  1. Haha! I love it! Preschoolers are so funny and cute with all the things they come up with.


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