Meal Planning: 6/3 thru 6/9

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Several things led my grocery bill this week to be higher than normal: First, my girlfriend Kelly introduced me to The Martha Stewart Everyday Food app for my IPhone and I swear, I have spent hours, flipping through all her recipes and even picked out two to make this week; however, that meant I needed a few extra items from the store that I otherwise would not have needed to purchase.  Second, I was out of pantry staples like onion powder, Sherry, and breadcrumbs so, I had to do a bit of stocking up.  And third, Safeway was offering nearly $1.00 off a lot of the items we use on a regular basis PLUS another $0.50 off each item if you buy eight or more qualifying items.

Current Inventory:
7 portions ground turkey
6 portions ground beef
5 portions boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 portions shrimp

Spent: Safeway $205.52
[Budget: $225 = $150 weekly plus $75 leftover from last week]

Broccoli crowns (on sale $0.97/lb)
2lbs bananas
5lbs green & red seedless grapes (on sale $1.99/lb)
Green and red leaf lettuce (on sale $0.79 each)
Iceberg lettuce
Whole cashews
Organic celery
(5) Limes (on sale 5@$1.00)
(2) Blackberries (on sale 10@$10)
(2) Blueberries (on sale 10@$10)
(2) Organic Strawberries (on sale 2@$6)
Dried cranberries
Sugar snap peas
Blue cheese vinaigrette
(4) 64oz Mott's Apple juice (on sale $1.49)
(4) Bull's Eye BBQ sauce (on sale $0.99 each)
(6) Kraft Mac 'n Cheese (on sale $0.47 each)
Onion powder
Panko breadcrumbs
(4) Hunt's diced tomatoes (on sale $0.75)
(4) Mandarin oranges (on sale $0.99)
(2) Bertolli marinara sauce (on sale $2.00)
Tortilla chips (on sale $2.00)
Pizza sauce
Skippy peanut butter
Hoisin suace
Sherry vinager
Unsweetened cocoa powder
(2) Orida frozen french fries (on sale 2@$4)
(4) 18ct eggs ($3.99 each Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
(2) cream cheese
Monterrey Jack cheese
(6) yogurt (on sale 10@$5)
(2) Jell-O (on sale $2.99)
Unsalted butter
Organics Flax frozen waffles
Organics frozen broccoli
Organics frozen peas
Hamburger buns (on sale $2.00)
(3) Axe shower gel (on sale $2.35)
(2) TresEmme shampoo (on sale $2.99)
(2) TresEmme conditioner (on sale $2.99)

Weekly Meal Plan
Baked chicken Parmesan with salad
Beef Enchiladas and guacamole with chips
Cashew chicken and broccoli over rice
Baked meatball ziti with salad
Hawaiian turkey burgers with oven-fries
Chicken lettuce wraps


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