Tuesday Toddler Tales

Is anyone else's almost-4-year-old beyond hilarious?!?

I swear, Emily has my sides splitting nearly every day!

Lately, she has been calling David "babe", because that's what I call him and this morning when the DirecTV wouldn't come on Emily yelled to David, who was in the bathroom:

"Umm, babe, there's something wrong with this TV!  Can you come in here, babe and see?" 


David laughed and looked at her and said; "I'm not your babe, I'm daddy".

Emily looked puzzled for a minute and said; "Thanks for fixing the TV, babe".



  1. HA! That is awesome. I just laughed out loud reading this post.

  2. haha... My 3 yr old niece used to do this to my DH. We were grocery shopping while babysitting her and she yelled "baby, Where ya going?" Kids...

  3. How stinking cute is she!!!


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