7.29.10 - First box with Farm Fresh To You

Ambrosia melon, green leaf lettuce, corn, radishes, zucchini, grapes, cucumber, avacado, carrots, strawberries, peppers, cherry tomatoes, plums, onions and slicer tomatoes

My very first box from Farm Fresh To You and boy am I pleased.  My expectations were exceeded and about the only thing I wasn't overly thrilled with was how muddy most things were that took several washes to get clean.  Not a huge price to pay for this gorgeous, certified Organic produce that will easily feed my family for the entire week and cost only $34.  I actually can't wait for Friday as that is when next week's box contents will be posted online so I can see what we'll be getting and request any substitutions.  Eek!

So, how am I going to use all this in the coming week?
  • We will eat the fruit for lunch (I pack fruit in David's lunch every day, too)
  • I eat salads for lunch during the week and will use up at least half of the lettuce
  • I'm going to attempt to make a home-made Salsa with all those peppers
  • None of us like radishes so, I've already found them a new home with a neighbor  :)
  • I'll end up eating all the Cherry tomatoes as I pop them like grapes
  • And I plan to cook the following this week:
Shrimp scampi with fresh tomato Brushchetta (using most of tomatoes)
Zucchini meatloaf with Parmesan mashed potatoes (using the zucchini and onion)
Sweet & Spicy grilled chicken with grilled corn-on-the-cob (using the fresh corn)
Bolognese with green leaf salad (using the carrots, onion and green leaf lettuce)
Lettuce wraps (using the onion)
Turkey tacos with guacamole (using the avacados)
I'm hoping these deliveries will 1) keep me out of the store every single week, 2) help me become more adventurous in my cooking and eating, and 3) cut our grocery bill back as all I will need on a weekly basis is milk, bread, deli meat/cheese, yogurt and whatever staples I might have run out of.  I'm shooting for a weekly grocery budget of only $60 total, which leaves me with $26 after my weekly delivery from Farm Fresh To You.  Think I can do it?

How much do you spend each week?

Do you have a produce delivery like Farm Fresh To You and, if so, has it helped you in the three areas I'm wanting some improvement in?


  1. I just saw the Farm Fresh to You delivery van in my neighbor yesterday (CA central valley) and asked about it! Then I promptly went and looked on their website. I didn't know that you could customize the options. I'm pretty sure I'm sold! What box do you order?

  2. Hi Kayla!

    I chose the "More Mixed" box as we pretty much eat 3 meals a day here at home and I knew I could go through everything in one week. Once you sign up, you get log in information for their website and can create your "exclude" list should you not want to receive certain things. Also, on Fridays, the following week's box contents are posted so, you can see what you will be getting and give them a call or email to request substitutions or doubling.

    I'm so happy with it and would love to refer you so we can both get a discount! Send me an email: amandashavers@gmail.com.


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