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I am back to Meal Planning after a two-week break from my blog!

Because of the 4th of July holiday coming up, Safeway was offering a ton of "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" deals as well as $25 worth of coupons in their weekly ad.  Lucky for me, I was able to take advantage of nearly $20 of those coupons (I only used the coupons for things I had already planned to purchase!), wahoo!  Although I didn't necessarily need crackers, sliced American cheese, or crushed pineapple, they were on a deep discount so, I stocked up for future use.  Because of a recent trip to Costco to replenish my freezer and my pantry, I mostly just needed our weekly produce and lunch-making foods so, I came in way under budget this week!

Current Inventory:
2 portions ground bisket
7 portions ground turkey
10 portions ground beef
10 portions boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 portions split chicken breasts
1 portions shrimp
1 portion sweet Italian turkey sausage
1 portion pork shoulder

Spent: Safeway $88.72
[Budget: $100]
(2) Organic celery
4lbs seedless grapes (on sale $0.77/lb)
Organic fuji apples
2lbs cherries
1/2lb cremini mushrooms
Baby carrots
(2) corn (on sale $0.20/each)
Naval orange
Potatoes (on sale $0.99/lb)
Yellow peaches (on sale $0.99/lb)
(2) 50/50 mix bagged salad (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
(3) American cheese (on sale $1.99 plus additional $0.49 coupon, limit 3)
Butter (on sale $2.99 plus additional $0.49 coupon, limit 1)
Wheat thins toasted chips (on sale $2.49 plus additional $1.00 coupon, limit 1)
Ritz toasted chips (on sale $2.49 plus additional $1.00 coupon, limit 1)
1/2lb mesquite turkey breast deli meat
1lb ham deli meat
(3) crushed pineapple (on sale 3@$3)
(6) yougurt
Mini whole wheat buns
Foil (on sale $3.49 plus additional $2.00 coupon, limit 1)
**Not pictured** (2) Charcoal (on sale 7.99 plus additional $2.00 coupon, limit 2)

Weekly Meal Plan
Baked chicken Parmesan with salad
Smoked pork shoulder with corn & potatoes
Grilled chicken fajitas
Chili with cornbread
Turkey goulash
4th of July party with friends - bringing a side dish


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