Meal Planning: 7/31 thru 8/6

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I have completely fallen off documenting my Meal Planning for you all and I'm so sorry... I was so uninspired to write for the last month and I really let that weekly entry slide.  Since my last entry, I've stocked up quite a bit on meat/fish/poultry when Safeway was offering Organic 97% lean ground beef at 50% off (clearing out stock that was about to expire!), which cost me only $2.99/lb and split bone-in chicken breasts at only $0.77/lb.  I have updated my Inventory below to reflect what's actually in my deep freezer!  Also, if you've been reading you'll know we joined a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Farm Fresh To You and just got our first delivery on Thursday, which provided us with all the fruits and 90% of the vegetables we needed for the week.  I only needed a few items from Safeway this morning (I'm back to shopping on Saturdays while Emily's on break from Preschool), which I've also documented below.  I only budgeted $24 for grocery shopping this week and went over by exactly $6 which was due to the bottle of white wine I needed in a recipe this week.  Oh well!  :)

You can see how I plan to use up what was in our CSA box this week by checking Thursdays' post HERE.

Current Inventory:
1 portions ground bisket
3 portions ground turkey
4 portions ground beef
2 portions boneless, skinless chicken breasts
10 portions split chicken breasts
1 portions shrimp
1 portion sweet Italian turkey sausage
2 portions ground pork/beef mix

Spent: Safeway $31
[Budget: $24]
(2) Organic celery (on sale 2@$3)
Green onion
(6) Yogurt
1lb Portabella mushrooms (on sale $2)
Iceburg lettuce

Weekly Meal Plan
Shrimp scampi with fresh tomato Brushchetta
Zucchini meatloaf with Parmesan mashed potatoes
Sweet & Spicy grilled chicken with grilled corn-on-the-cob 
Bolognese with green leaf salad
Lettuce wraps
Turkey tacos with guacamole


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