Poop Progress!

I'm seriously over-the-moon, ecstatic, and almost in disbelief over the poop progress we've had over the past two weeks!

Once we got Emily flushed out and eating again, we cut back the Miralax to just 1 teaspoon in a cup of juice at lunch time (so that she would have the entire afternoon/evening to use the bathroom), which really helped stop the explosive diarrhea-like poop and seemed to give her much more control over her body and more time to respond to that natural urge to go.  And what an improvement in her attitude and progress! 

Not only is she not having poop accidents but she's feeling that urge to go and actually going to the bathroom to poop on the potty all by herself, without any prompting from either of us!  She hasn't had an accident in an entire week!  Woot woot!!!  She also seems to have her confidence back, doesn't hold her poop in but rather just goes straight to the potty, and is very proud of herself when choosing her reward.  I feel like she's not even the same kid!

Can you see the huge smile on my face?!?!?

The real test was the past two days when we were at Six Flags for an entire day and then, at the gym & pool with friends: two bathrooms she hadn't used since she started pooping on the potty again!  Much to my surprise, she told me she needed to pee AND poop both days and she did, successfully.  Yea!  Strange potties and she still did it!  This really quiets my fears about her going back to Kiddie Kampus in two weeks and having to use their bathroom. 

Fingers crossed!!!


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