Potty Training Update: A new Preschool means new problems

Emily was doing so well last month and making huge progress in her consistency of using the bathroom and lack of accidents, although she was holding her poop in not wanting to use the potty.  We did implement all the rewards and consequences I discussed in my last update in June and things began to look up... until Emily started Preschool at Kiddie Kampus.  [insert huge sigh here]

For three days in a row, I picked Emily up in different clothes than I dropped her off in and the Director, Mrs. Michelle, telling me not to be discouraged as a new school, new Teacher, new friends, new environment can all cause a potty regression.  So, I stayed upbeat, I stayed the course and then, another week went by and I realized Emily hadn't pooped in that entire week.  She only had one accident while at school all last week but was having accidents at home and visibly struggling to not poop on the potty.  By Saturday her appetite had changed drastically and on Sunday she was complaining her tummy hurt.  David's research lead us to believe she was extremely constipated and needed to see her Pediatrician so, I took her in on Thursday the 8th right after school and he confirmed what we suspected.  He instructed us to give her 1 teaspoon of Mirlax mixed into a cup of juice in the morning and again in the mid-afternoon to force her body to flush itself out.  I'll only say that it was a rough 4 days on us all but the Miralax worked, her appetite came back and her tummy quit hurting; however, that dosage cause explosive, diarrhea poop multiple times a day and she was quite angry (probably really embarrassed) when she had an accident.  I'm sure the lack of control over her body is really frustrating for her but we feel we have no choice but to force it out of her for her health.

When I dropped her off at Preschool on Monday the 12th, I told Mrs. Michelle what was going on and she suggested I stay at school with Emily the entire week to help minimize her embarrassment over any accidents that might occur and to help clean up any accidents quickly as to not disrupt the rest of the class.  I was fine with that and Emily felt extra special that her mommy got to come to school every day.  :)  She continued to have accidents as she struggled to hold her poop in but failed and I continued to not make a big deal out of it but just to change her clothes and send her on her way.  When I got home I completely fell apart, crying to David and completely frazzled because I just didn't know what to do and, in all honesty, I was sick and tired of washing poop laundry or throwing panties away.

On top of all this, I've been freaking out over whether Emily will even be allowed to return to Kiddie Kampus.  You have to be potty trained to go to Kiddie Kampus and too many more accidents might lead to her being asked to leave, as stated in their handbook.  Do I look for another Preschool that potty trains for the fall?  Do I just cross my fingers and hope she gets it between today and August 30th?  Ugh!

I'm really at a loss and just hoping to build Emily's confidence in using the potty while we are on another summer break from Kiddie Kampus (we go back for 2 weeks on August 9th) as that's really most important to me (us).


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