Tip 2: Wood doesn't belong in the kitchen

This is just a personal opinion of mine because I love love love my dishwasher and am rarely caught hand-washing dishes: wood doesn't belong in the kitchen!

I only purchase and use rubber spatulas with plastic handles (Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma sell the most fantastic, durable products... worth the money!), Jelli boards cutting boards (sold at Crate & Barrel and are on sale regularly for $9.99!), and either metal or rubber-tipped spatulas and tongs (Bed, Bath & Beyond has the largest selection at a great price!) because they can go directly into the dishwasher after use which ensures to me they are properly clean and sanitized and won't warp or crack if left soaking in the sink overnight.

Make sure you chose the right products for the pots & pans you own!  If you use non-stick cookware, you will need rubber-tipped or plastic utensils to not scape up the non-stick coating.  For copper or stainless steel cookware you can use whatever you like.


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