Tuesday Toddler Tales

So, the first 2-week summer session "Teddy Bears" at Kiddie Kampus ended and today began the second 2-week summer session (Monday was the July 4th Holiday) "Camping" and it was my workday!  I work on Tuesdays again this session.

I was Art Parent today and it went really well!

As Art Parent I am in-charge of setting up, supervision of, and clean-up of the day's special art project indoors (making Binoculars for Wednesday's nature walk); set up, supervision of, and clean-up of the outdoor art patio (think sand box, water table, chalkboards, paint wall, and a special art project); and sweeping/vacuuming the classroom at the end of the day.  I really enjoyed helping each kid make a set of binoculars and watching Emily from afar playing on the playground during outside time.

Emily understands that Tuesdays are mommy's special day and she literally leaps out of bed to get ready for school, she's so excited. 

My issue is still that she's a bit of a handful on my workdays which is difficult to deal with; I feel like I'm parenting in a fishbowl and everyone is starring (irrational, I know!).  She clings to me, whines, acts out aggressively towards other children (pulling hair and running off with a toy she took are her current top offenses), and is generally just a bit obnoxious.  :)  I've been reassured by every other parent that their child behaves similarly, some times worse, on their workdays, which does make me feel a bit more "normal".  Getting use to the rules of Kiddie Kampus and our new routine will most likely help these outrageous behaviors cease over time... wish us luck!


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