Tuesday Toddler Tales

So, the second summer camp at Kiddie Kampus ended on Thursday and the third one doesn't start for three weeks, which means no more alarm clock for any of us, wahooo!!!

Who knew there could be a single "con" regarding sending Emily off to Preschool for 3 hours per day?!?!?  Seriously, we are just not morning people, David works later hours (think 10:30am-8:30pm), and thus, our family is just on a later schedule.  To say getting up at 7:00am and doing the morning rush thing is hard is an understatement.  Ugh!  We are all so happy to have this break to get our lazy mornings back.   :)

The break has also allowed Emily and I to get out and do some really fun things including spending Friday at The San Leandro Aquatic Park & Pool and spending all day today at Six Flags Discovery Kindgom where we have Season Passes.  It was such a joy to not be in a rush over anything, really take our time, and just have fun with no regard to the clock!  And because of all the fun and lack of time for a nap, Emily has been happily passing out at 7:00pm every night, which means I get some downtime before David gets home (heaven!!!) and then, he & I have some quality time together.

No wonder families with older children look forward to summer so much!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait for Celia to be old enough for that kind of stuff.


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