Halloween 2010

Today is Halloween (and my 31st birthday!) and Emily could hardly contain her excitement as we put her in her Butterfly costume and prepared to trick or treat.

While it was daylight (6:00pm), we decided to hit the streets of our wonderful neighborhood.  Emily practically yelled; "Trick or Treat" at every house we stopped at and followed it up with a really sweet "thank you".  There were a few houses she absolutely refused to visit though because of the ultra scary decor & music.  She used to be our little Tom Boy that wasn't afraid of anything... something changed this year!  We went for about an hour before returning home to hand out candy. 

It's hard to say which part was Emily's favorite as she was really into saying "Happy Halloween" to all the trick-or-treaters that came up our front porch and picking the candy she wanted them to have.

It was a fantastic holiday and it was all the more special because Gran was in town to celebrate with us!


Happy Halloween!!!  


  1. Hey, Amanda! She is adorable:) So glad you had an amazing Halloween. Glad to see you all appear to be on the mend & you have had a fantastic vaca since I last checked in with you. It looked like you are still working on your fitness goals: good job! :)

  2. Happy 31 on the 31st Mrs. Shavers ;) ! (almost a week late) Your little butterfly is adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday Amanda! I hope it was a great one! Emily is too cute, and it looks like y'all had a fabulous halloween. I love keeping up with y'all :)


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