The verdict is in, I'm having a...


Yep, Emily is getting a little brother per the Ultrasound Tech earlier today.

Our 20-week anatomy scan to take all the baby's measurements was at 2:30pm today (21 weeks 4 days) and the three of us got to experience the awe that is seeing your baby on the screen.  Emily was "ooh"ing and "aah"ing the entire time, asking "what is that?" and even pointing out a few body parts accurately including the baby's eye [sockets], feet, and back/spine!  At one point she whispered to me; "mama, that is just so beautiful" and kept one hand on my stomach the entire 45 minutes.  I was in tears; tears of joy at my big girl's maturity and acceptance of this huge change in our lives and her overall enthusiasm.  We got an "everything looks really great" report and a few photos to bring home, which I'll try to upload here via camera phone.

Funny comparison: at 21 weeks when I had my anatomy scan with Emily, she was rolling and hiding from the Ultrasound Tech and we could barely get any measurements; this baby boy was calm, possibly even asleep, making the measurement-taking a breeze and very quick.  :)

Now we just need a name...


  1. That's great! So exciting! Congrats on all the good news.


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