25 weeks

25 weeks and 1 day, to be exact.  With David being ill and my mom in-town, I have gotten behind on a few things this week.  Speaking of my mom, she brought us the baby's first gifts: a set of swaddling blankets and a 5-pack of onesies in size newborn.  I just cannot believe he will be small enough to fit into them, although I remember Emily wearing size newborn until she was nearly 3 months old and she was not a small baby at 8lbs 6oz! 

Hello, baby boy, I think I have officially popped out! 

Even my belly button is bulbous, feeling as if it might pop out this time (it never popped out with Emily).

I am now doing the famous pregnant woman waddle when I walk.  My center of gravity is off and my belly, all out in front, sways when I walk.  :)  Not surprising with baby being about the size of an eggplant weighing near 2lbs, my uterus the size of a soccer ball, and me finally putting on some real weight. 

Hearburn, indigestion, vomit-burps all unwelcome guests that have made an appearance in my life this week, ugh.  I already eat small meals throughout the day, drink plenty of water, and am careful not to sit or lie down immediately after eating... there's nothing more I can do other than pop a few Tums and wait it out.  Yuck.

I don't have the linea negra nor any stretch marks at this point, no real aches or pains, and a pillow between my knees helps me sleep through the night.  Bending over to put on socks and tie my shoes is becoming challenging (mom and I went shopping and I bought a few slip-on shoes this weekend!) and long drives in the car cause my Braxton-Hicks contractions to flair up. 

Savory foods, like gravy, roasted vegetables, eggs & bacon on biscuits, and Cheesesteaks still make the top of my list of most-desired foods; however, now seasonal fruits like cantaloupe, grapes, and oranges and moving on up there.  I am consuming 3-4 8oz glasses of fat-free milk every day (with Emily it was whole milk!) and a couple of Girl Scout cookies every night.  :)

I'm feeling so great and getting excited to enter the third trimester, although I still can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by.


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