Physical exam requied by Kindergarten... did you know it was a self-pay visit?!?

Thankfully, David and I contribute to his Flexible Spending Account with his employer every year so, we never have any out-of-pocket expenses regarding our family's health; however, I'm annoyed at the fact that our Unified School District won't allow families to turn in the required Physical Examination form DURING the school year, when each child will eventually turn five years old (they have to be five before December 2nd in California) and go to his/her annual Well-Visit that is covered by insurance.

Requiring families to complete the form "within six months of the first day of school", before their children turn five, means a great majority of incoming Kindergartners' families will have to pay for this exam themselves, including us! Emily turns five in September and had her four year well-visit in September of 2010, which means insurance won't cover her next exam until September 2011 but the first day of school is August 29, 2011.

I'm just thankful our Pediatrician realized that this requirement of the District could end up costing families upwards of $800 and made sure Emily had received all of the required immunizations (the most expensive part of the exam!) at her four year well-visit. He simply gave her the two shots she would've gotten at her five year well-visit a year early. He saved us $600.

With that off my chest ;) I can tell you that the physical exam was a breeze, though Emily wasn't keen on peeing in a cup. ha  Something about it really grosses her out so it took quite a bit of coaxing. They tested her vision (passed), tested her hearing (passed), took her height: 42 1/2" and then, took her weight: 41lbs

All we have left is her Oral exam with her Dentist and, the fun part: back-to-school shopping for some new shoes and school supplies!


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