Nine months postpartum

Nine months postpartum and my weight is at a stand still at 34lbs lost.

But, I am finally back to working out at the gym!

I've only been talking about it for three months, it's about time I made myself go!

I am so thankful David's work schedule is so flexible that he can stay home with Nolan from 8:45-10:30am while I take a step aerobics class followed by a body works strength training class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have been doing this for two weeks and so far so good, though I'm really really really sore. My whole body hurts. I think my abdomen muscles are angry with me for sure!

I'm hoping to add spinning on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30am if Nolan gets up from his morning nap on time as I can leave him in the childcare center. Two of my girlfriends take this class and I use to take it, the year before I got pregnant and I really enjoyed it so I'm really looking forward to getting back to taking a class with friends!

I'm not sure if I can handle working out four days a week but I'm going to try. I like to volunteer in Emily's class and I'm enrolling Nolan in a Music Together class and possibly Gymboree with some friends and there are only so many hours and days in the week! We'll have to see but at least I have made it to the gym, right! :)

I've maintained my weight this last month with healthy choices and proper portions as well as walking 3-5 miles each week to pick Emily up from school and take the kids to the park but with our upcoming vacation in June, I need to do more to drop this last 8lbs!


  1. Good for you! It takes more than one thing to drop the weight, ie: diet AND exercise. So keep it up, you'll get there!


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