Well-visit: ten months

Today's visit was without tears, thankfully, as Nolan is all caught up on his first year immunization schedule. It was a wee bit concerning that Nolan has dropped below the 10th percentile for weight and head circumference but according to our Pediatrician, between 9-12 months babies become so active that it's normal to see a tapering off of such accelerated growth.

Height: 29 inches
Weight: 17lbs 13oz
Head circumference: 43.7cm

Dr. W observed Nolan pulling up to standing, crawling all over the exam table, slapping at and giggling in reaction to the noise of the paper, munching on a Mum-Mum cracker, babbling, and trying to clap his hands in response to me clapping at him. Dr. W also noted that Nolan now has four teeth (the bottom center two and the top center two).

I had no concerns this visit so it was over pretty quickly!


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