Wordless Wednesday: My daughter and I and the reward that almost wasn't! #wordlesswednesday #motherhood #firstgrade

I know this isn't technically a "wordless" wednesday post because I'm typing a caption; however, I have had this blog over 7 years now because it's important to me to capture our precious memories virtually as memories fade. And this was such a special day! Emily cashed in the 15 tickets she earned over the week for the "dessert of your choice" reward and her Gram and I walked her downtown for her favorite bubble gum ice cream.

Three seconds after this picture was taken, Emily took a giant lick of her ice cream and the entire thing fell off the cone and smashed into the concrete below. Without hesitation, Gram and I both reached for it, scooping 75% of it - the 75% not touching the ground - up and plopping it right back ontop of her cone before one tear could fall from her eye.

Yes we sure did. She earned that ice cream cone and nothing was going to ruin her moment! :)

If you want to know more about the reward system we have in place, you can read about it HERE.


  1. Looks like a great reward system! So glad you saved that ice Cream


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