Best gift for a 20mo #toddler ? A sandbox of course. #motherhood #parenting

Gram sent us this fabulous sand and water table (we are only using it as a sandbox as we have a water table) a few months ago. It's just been sitting in the box in the house because we are in the middle of rainy season right now. Today, I set my mind to put together and have it functioning by this afternoon as the weather is warming up for a few days and I really needed something to keep Nolan entertained outside.

Does anyone else struggle with activities for their toddler like I do? 

There's only so many hours he can stand of playing with the toys in the play room, swinging and sliding in the backyard, and going on buggy rides and walks around the neighborhood before he's bored and with Emily in school, we can't just take off on a day trip. So, in the past week I've cleaned and filled up the water table, brought out the bubbles and sidewalk chalk, replaced the old play food for the play kitchen, and this week, I've put together the sandbox!

A good hour was spent driving over to our local hardware store to purchase play sand and assembling the sandbox. Nolan loved helping me open all the packages! Then, another whole hour was him scooping the sand into the little train, pouring the sand back and forth between all the buckets, and throwing {A LOT!} of the sand on the ground. ha! I figured as much, which is why I was armed with my mini hand broom and dust pan.

TIP: The softer the bristles, the better for cleaning up sand!

Once Emily got home from school, we had yet another hour of fun together. I think she was more excited than he was. She showed him how to make the sand fall down into the train cars from pouring it up high and she helped me clean everything up. The sandbox came with a cover (really important for keeping the neighborhood stray cats out of it!) and I decided to set it under the concrete patio to keep the sand out of the grass in the backyard and so that the kids don't get a sunburn when playing as the patio is covered. Oh, who am I kidding? It's more about me not having to slather them with sunscreen every afternoon for an hour of play time. :) Our water table and play kitchen are also under the patio. I'm on the hunt for a plastic kids table with chairs to put under their as well for play doh and art projects.


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