Nolan and the doorbell #tuesdaytoddlertales #toddlers #motherhood #kids

Nolan's (twenty-one months old) obsession over this past week has been our doorbell.

It glows at night, which is how I suppose he noticed it existed, and now, every single time we leave or come home, he wants to ring the doorbell. He races up the front steps and points to it. He starts grunting and babbling and doing his little happy feet dance as you get closer to him on the porch and begins giggling when you pick him up and lean him toward the button. As soon as he pushes it, he shoves the door open and runs into the house so he can hear it chime. Then, he says; "hi". 

And I mean really, who can resist a bright white, shiny, little round button to push?

He does this same ritual with every light switch in the house, the garage door remote, his sound machine, his space heater, and the oven timer when he hears it go off.


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