Quarterly Costco shopping trip: I doubt this will all fit in my fridge/freezer! #mealplanning

I spent just over $300 on what you see in the photo above and it's coming out of my $600 grocery budget for the month of March.

These are all things MUCH MUCH MUCH CHEAPER than at Safeway, Trader Joe's, and our local Dan's produce stand when on sale and even after any coupons I might have. These are all the things that make my $50 annual Costco membership worth it!

So, what did I buy and how much did it cost?

Ground turkey, $2.19ea
93% lean ground beef, $2.99/lb
Flank steak, $7.99/lb
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.99/lb
Cliff bars 30ct, $22.00
Cliff Kidz bars 30ct, $11.99
4pk 8ct Crescent rolls $6.49 ($1.50ea)
80ct Precious string cheese, $8.99
Tillamook medium cheddar, $5.99
2pk 12oz goat cheese, $6.49
Mexican-blend shredded cheese $5.99
Knudsen cottage cheese (expires April 30th), $3.99
Non-fat plain yogurt (expires April 9th), $4.49
Pt. Reye's blue cheese, $8.49
24ct Baby-bel cheese, $7.49
Canola oil, $5.49
2pk 16oz grated Parmesan cheese, $10.49
Ground cinnamon, $3.49
24ct AA large eggs, $2.19
Better than Boullion, $6.49
9 cups raw almonds, $6.99
8lbs red seedless grapes, $8.99
4lbs strawberries, $7.99
24oz Organic blueberries, $4.99
16oz Blackberries, $4.99
3lbs bananas, $2.99
Organic raspberries, $3.99
Organic baby spinach, $3.99
3lbs Meyer lemons, $3.99
5lbs limes, $5.49

I will juice all the lemons and limes into ice cube trays (approximately 1oz each) and freeze to use all year long (or however long they last!), most of the dairy products I purchased will last 3-8 months, and we will plow through all the fruit this week! I know not everything at Costco is the best deal but these things are for us and I'm so glad to have one just a few miles down the road. 

Other things we purchase at Costco include razors, batteries, trash bags, light bulbs, cat litter, Organic ketch-up, honey, A1 steak sauce, Carnation instant breakfast powder, Pur water filters, minced garlic, Cottonelle wet wipes, spinach & cheese ravioli, Italian sausage tortallini, and wrapping paper! I'm sure there are lots of other things though I'm drawing a blank at the moment.


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