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We set Emily's alarm for 6:50am everyday. That gives her 20 minutes to get up and get the clothes on that she picked out before going to bed before our alarm goes off at 7:10am.

She's gotten so good at getting up and getting dressed that she finds herself with extra time.

In the last month she has used that extra time in good and weird ways. A few days last week we caught her making herself breakfast - selecting a yogurt, putting fruit on her plate, and putting a waffle in the toaster or pouring some cereal. On another day she had made a ghost mask and jumped out from behind the counter yelling "BOO!" to scare us. She cleaned the playroom and packed her own lunch (we made it the night before and it was in the fridge waiting to be put in her lunchbox) once; she made Valentine's for every member of our family the day after Valentine's Day; and once she built a fort in the living room where she was hanging out in, playing Toy Story 3 on the XBOX.

The strangest, weirdest, funniest day yet was this morning.

I woke up to find sticky notes all over the house. On the walls, on a few of the appliances, and on a few of the kid's toys.

 "This is the microwave"                                      "This is the kitchen"

"This is the refrigerator" 

"This is my toy bins"                                             "My bedroom"

She used tape to be sure the note would stay up in case the sticky stuff melted. :)

And she told us that she put up the notes on all the most important stuff so no one would forget what it all was.

Welcome to the brain of a first grader.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's too cute! Kids are so funny.

  2. What a great kid! You're a lucky mom!


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