Emily's first day of 2nd grade


Dressed in an outfit 100% chosen by her, Emily confidently walked to school this morning with David, Nolan, and I rushing to keep up with her. We walked hand-in-hand, carrying treats for the 1st day coffee event for all the parents and a brown Trader Joe's bag full of brand new school supplies, the one block to school at 8:10am. We hugged old friends and Emily eagerly approached new friends. Lining up outside the classroom happened out of habit and then, it was a quick kiss blown in our direction to signal her good-bye to us.

School was out early today (1:50pm every day this week). I was greeted with a tired smile, a silent walk home, and a 20-page first day packet to fill out and return tomorrow. Once she had a snack (grapes and oatmeal cookies) and an hour to just play, Emily was eager to discuss where she sits in the classroom and who her deskmates are, where her hook and cubby are, who she sat next to at lunch, and all the kids she played with at recess. Next up was swim lessons at 4:30pm, dinner she sleepily trudged through, bath time at 7:30pm, one chapter of Ramona, Age 8, and 10 minutes filling out her "About Me" survey for her teacher. She was asleep before 9:00pm and David and I weren't far behind her.

It's going to be a great, exhausting year!


  1. Love those pictures! She is adorable. Hope she has a great school year. You guys always get into a great routine.


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