The four day #Thanksgiving holiday is when we do ALL our #CHRISTMAS decorations... when else will I have my husbands help? #kids #motherhood

With Nolan not feeling well on Friday, we waited until Saturday and Sunday to decorate the Christmas tree as we didn't want him to completely miss out.

So, our tree just got to hang out and relax and soak up two gallons of water.

Isn't she gorgeous? She's a 7 foot Noble Fir, the tree we get every year.

While we waited to decorate the tree, David pulled all our Rubbermaid bins of Christmas decorations and Emily got to work. She could hardly wait! She had so much fun and didn't really let us do anything.

The Nutcracker is her favorite every year.

Our cat, Allie, wanted in on the action as well. A real-life photo-bomb!

I didn't get any photos of the kids or myself actually putting on the tree lights and decorations. I guess we were too busy having fun and working hard. :(

Our tree is made up of the ornaments we've collected every year since 2005. Gram or myself buys us a new ornament each year. This year, I'm buying an owl for Emily - they are her favorite animal right now - and a motorcycle for Nolan - he's obsessed with them!

On Sunday, we tackled the outside.

Everything we have is years of collecting.

Emily was eager to get up on a ladder and hang our outdoor ornaments!

Nolan was really excited to touch everything. He didn't help put up much.

One strand of lights is out and we are short an extension cord somehow so, I'll post photos of the finished yard once we actually finish it!


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