An podiatry update: Good-bye boot! #motherhood

It's good news, people: the inflammation in my left foot is gone and so is the pain and we are moving forward to correct my life-long foot problems!

I saw my Podiatrist this morning and got the all-clear to stop wearing the immobilizing boot he put me in last week (you can read about it HERE).

We discussed how a custom orthodic will help put my feet back in a neutral position when I walk and I decided to go through with it as I have the insurance coverage for it but more than that, I'm tired of being in pain when there's no reason for it.

I left with a temporary orthodic insert for my current tennis shoes and an appointment next Thursday to have a full scan to have custom orthodic inserts made for me.

He wrote me a prescription to go shopping this weekend for a new pair of shoes so that my custom orthodic will fit precisely.

I'm really good with that!


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