Emily: Movin' on up to a new bike takes practice! #secondgrade #kids #motherhood

Emily learned to ride a bike without training wheels during Kindergarten, she was 5 years old, and has been hesitant to let go of the 14" bike she was so comfortable with.

However, we let her pick out a new 18" bike for her birthday, back in September, and she was surprisingly eager to pedal off to school with her friends the first Walk 'n Roll day of the year later that month. Unfortunately, it was much harder than any of us realized because it was a substantially larger and heavier bike. She could barely touch the ground with her tip toes, which made it impossible for her to take off. We walked the bike to school that morning and walked it back home that afternoon. She was incredibly disappointed.

The bike has been in the garage ever since.

Today, we encouraged her to take it to the school to practice riding, convincing her she had grown at least a foot since her birthday. We were correct!

After three take-offs with us ensuring she was balanced, she had it and her confidence was through the sky. She even took off on her own a few times from across the blacktop. 

Talk about proud parents!

She's already talking about the next Walk 'n Roll to school day.


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