Emily: tooth number 8 - it came out in her hand!!! #secondgrade #kids #motherhood

When I picked Emily up at school today, it went something like this:

Standing on the blacktop and the door to room 13 flies open. 

Children come flying out. Some fall down.

Emily comes out with a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

In a voice that can only be described as a squeal, she yells at me:

"My tooth is loose. It's a baby one. A BABY TOOTH IS LOOSE!!!".

It's the little pointy fang-like tooth on the upper right side of her center teeth.

Fast forward to this afternoon:

Both kids are playing in the play room. Next to each other, but not together.

I'm in the living room, cleaning up.

Emily comes running in and shoves her hands in my face.

In her hands is that tooth.

Fast forward to this evening:

I'm upstairs tucking Nolan in for the night.

Emily is downstairs, completing her evening chore list (not cleaning-type of chores).

I come down to read with her and tuck her in and I see her tooth, in a zipper bag, next to her where it will end up under a pillow once we are done reading and she lays down.

She says to me: "When tooth number seven fell out, I wished for $5 and I got it. I'm going to wish for $10 for this tooth".

Oh lord...


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