Me. Just me. As I am right now. Imperfectly perfect just as I am. #thirsdaythirteen #motherhood #marriage #kids #itsawonderfullife

I love a good Thursday Thirteen meme and haven't participated in a looooooong time.

It's time I change that.

So, this week's list of thirteen things is all about me.

Just me.

A snapshot of who I am right now.

Thirteen pretty important things you would know if we were friends:

I am 34 years old, have been married nearly nine years, and have a seven year old daughter, a two and a half year old son, and a five year old cat named Allie. I have really felt the push to get fit and get healthy lately, not only for myself but for my children because being an example to them is really important to me. I miss being a member of our local health club because I love cardio classes most of all. I really don't like working out alone to a DVD in my living room probably because it's too easy to cheat. I need to find a boot camp class or something through our Parks and Rec department!

I'm the PTA Treasurer at Emily's elementary school and I LOVE IT! It's given me a few hours each week to stretch out those Accounting muscles I've had resting up on a shelf for last eight years that I've been a Stay-At-Home-Mom. It feels amazing to be needed and looked to for answers outside of motherhood. I'm also the Hospitality Chair and Go Green Co-Chair, I write late slips for the office on Wednesday mornings and I participate in the new, Common Core GRIN reading program Thursday mornings. I love how good it feels to give through volunteering!

I purchased the SUV I'm driving 10 years ago this month. It had 3 miles on it and was on the showroom floor. I drove to the restaurant my husband proposed to me in, in this car. We drove across the country from Texas to California seven years ago in this car. I brought home two children from the hospital in this car. I love my car and am clearly very sentimental.

I'm a nail-bitter. Typical of a first born, Type A personality. It's a shame. And so gross. I'm still searching for ways to stop.

I wear work-out/yoga gear almost every single day. Capri compression pants, a shorts bra, a fitted tank top, and a hoodie is standard but I did upgrade to some Lululemon Still pants and a new pair of Aasics in the last two years. I have to shower every single day and often shower at night, too! I make an effort to wear jeans, flats, and a nice blouse when volunteering at the school and I love dressing up for Bunco night, PTA meetings, date night, and weekend errands. I just can't be bothered and don't care during the week when Nolan and I am running around at the park or I'm at home doing chores.

Other than death, I'm not scared of nor easily deterred from anything. I don't freak out when unfortunate things happen, I have never turned down a nomination nor a project I have no experience with, and I don't shy away from life's challenges. I'm extremely quick and happy to adapt any time I need to and there are more places than not in my life where a plan is not in place. This is not what you'd expect of someone as organized, concise, and frankly, uptight as me but it's true!

I have a passion for helping others. In everything I do, if I'm not helping someone, I don't feel like I'm living my best life. It's like air for me. I'm an over-sharer, a natural connector; meeting people and talking about our shared experiences is what I love most about life. It's the reason I need to live in a close-knit neighborhood within a walkable city; have friends in every phase of life; travel to see our family; and work in an environment where the people matter most. I talk fast with a thick Texas accent and have the horribly rude habit of interrupting. It's only because I'm so excited to share how I relate to what you are saying! Take it as a compliment.

I'm a television junkie. I think it's because my life is drama-free, thus a bit bland. And because I have about 3 hours every afternoon when Emily is at school and Nolan is napping and there are no dishes to do or floors to mop. I love the new HBO special True Detective as well as The Good Wife, Homeland, Parenthood, Sister Wives, Scandal, Big Brother, all The Real Housewives of..., The Americans, and The Pioneer Woman. And about a dozen more! I was actually sad when Breaking Bad ended. I also spend a great deal of time reading, journaling and blogging here, gardening, and shopping.

My very favorite possessions in this world include: the recipes my mom typed out for me on decorative note cards when I first began living on my own, my leather-bound wedding album, the photo of my Boxer, Shelby, who passed in 2007 that sits on my dresser, a letter my father wrote me when I went to off to college that first semester, my cast iron skillet, and the diamond bracelet my mother-in-law gave me the last Christmas she was alive.

I get positively giddy when any one of my favorite magazines arrives in the mail. I count down the minutes until the kids are in bed and I can run a bubble bath and devour every page with a glass of champagne. Champagne is my absolute favorite! I also love to read the paper and flip through catalogs and coupon books. On another note, I haven't purchased a novel in years nor do I purchase books for my children anymore. I have a Kindle and we all have Library cards that we use instead. They have books from when Emily was born and books we've been given as gifts throughout the years so, they have quite a collection; We have just run out of storage space and I like the "green" aspect of borrowing so much.

I need at least eight hours of sleep every night. I will gladly go to bed early, as early as 8:30pm if need be, to ensure I'm well-rested. I feel weak and ill, like a bad hangover, when I have a restless night or stay up too late. I must still be about 6 years old in this respect.

I love grocery shopping! It's no secret I'm an expert meal planner - I write about it weekly here - I love looking through the circulars on Wednesdays, making my grocery list, and hitting the stores as early as 7:00am on Saturdays. I love dividing up my bulk purchases into zipper bags, cleaning out the fridge before filling it with my score that weekend, and spending a few hours prepping food for the week. I especially love when new babies are born and I can spoil my friends and family with a freezer full of casseroles and breakfast muffins! It's too bad I'm not a culinary master, I imagine life as a Chef would be the only way my life could get any better.

I'm a horrible slob. It's true! My mother and sister can validate. I can't pretend to be something I'm not and I'm just not the person who's bothered by clutter, a sink full of dishes, a desk full of papers that should've been shredded or filed six months ago, and a stack of clothes that was washed and dried last weekend. When I cook and bake I use every last pan and spatula I own, I don't clean as I go, and I'm always getting food on the stove, on myself, and on the floor. There's almost always an inch of dust along the window sills and I'm pretty sure tubs should be scrubbed more often than "when ever we have guests". {sigh} I miss having a housekeeper and I wish I cared more; A perfectly clean house is just not high on my list of daily priorities.


  1. I love learning about new people! I feel like we would be besties if we met in real life, we have quite a bit (but not too much!) in common. Thanks for visiting Chockababy :)

    1. Hi Carrie,
      You are too sweet, I appreciate this comment so much, thank you! I can't believe I'm just now adding your blog to my reader - what a gem. Have a great week!


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