Nolan: his favorite toy is a ball! #toddlers #kids #tuesdaytoddlertales #motherhood

My little man is obsessed with balls.

What toddler isn't?

But he's particularly fond of them because his father is so good at so many sports and has been playing them with Nolan since he was about a year old.








Wallball is actually Emily's obsession and she gets the credit for teaching Nolan that game! :)

Nolan is drawn to balls everywhere we go.

He can spot them in Target, at the park, and especially on the blacktop at Emily's school when we are there to play and waste away the afternoon. He makes a beeline to the ball he's spotted, gets a hold of it, and turns to find me to show it to me and tell me what kind of ball it is.

He loves to throw and kick and chase after balls.

I think we have 16 balls in our backyard now.

Lately, Nolan has been throwing balls in our house. He throws them at a picture hanging on the wall or, his favorite target, our ceiling fan in the play room. Argh. I just know he's going to break something so, I've issued an "all balls stay outside" rule.

Also, I've stopped staying at the school to play because Nolan doesn't quite understand (or maybe he doesn't want to oblige) that not everyone wants to share their balls and that the afterschool program definitely doesn't share. It's just too hard for him and we leave screaming and crying every single time.

So, we come home to play in our backyard most days.

Out of 56 shots taken, he made 36 today

Or, we get in the car and drive to one of the amazing parks in our area that are almost always empty!


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