THIS is our playroom. Judge silently, it's.... um, incomplete #motherhood #kids #parenting #hometour

First, let me say how grateful I am to have a playroom.

A real, extra room. A dedicated space in our new home that was built as a "family" room that we use for nothing else than the kids to play in, as evidenced in this photo.

Judge silently. I know, it's a mess and seems to have no real design.

This is not me complaining. Not at all! This is me showing you what I've got to work with in the hopes that y'all will come to my rescue with your ubber crafty ideas.

So, what do I love about this room?

1. It's carpeted! This is the only place in our entire house that has carpet; The entire house has it's original matchstick hardwood floors. It's super plush carpet that cushions Nolan as he dives off that train table over there on the right. It's also warm when laying around in the winter, putting together puzzles, and for guests who sleep on our Aerobed in this room.

2. It has great natural light from the two windows. The large picture window straight back gives a gorgeous view of our backyard; however, it's original and doesn't open. The small window above the train table on the right is a brand new window with a screen built in so it's main function is to let in the breeze through summer.

3. It has bead board on the three walled sides and chair rail which is easy to clean, pretty to look at, and durable! It's also painted a lovely light sage color above the chair rail.

4. It has a ceiling fan, which is crutial in summer as we have no air conditioning. This home was built right around the time electricity became common in homes. And we rarely get above 77 degrees so, it's not something that's necessary. The air does get stale and this home can get hot inside so, the fan must stay!

5. The layout is wonderful because it's just a large box off the kitchen, which should make furnishing it fairly uncomplicated.

6. It's located at the very back of our house and it opens up to our kitchen, which gives me a full view of the children and their guests at all times while I'm cooking, cleaning, catching up on my computer (I set my laptop on the kitchen counters), opening mail, talking on the phone, or any number of a million tasks. Our formal living room is allllllllll the way on the other end of the house, at the very front, through the kitchen, through the formal dining room so, the children can be as loud as they want and are barely a blip on what we are doing in our room. Yes, I did just say "our" room. The formal living room has NO toys in it and the kids are never allowed to hang out in it unless they are watching Wild Kratts or playing on the Wii. I plan to move the Wii into the playroom eventually.

So, what do you see as possible for this room?

Nolan has outgrown that huge plastic slide (far left lower corner) and it's going in a garage sale soon or in the backyard so, imagine it's not there. Also, that awesome ride-on motorcycle is going down into the garage once I have my garage sale and make room for it. :)

How about a couch where the train table is to face that large, empty wall across from it (this wall is the art work wall because I hang all Emily's best work up there - I'll explain that craft soon!) that might be perfect for that entertainment/cabinet thingy I want?!? Perhaps a really nice sleeper sofa with Aerobed-type mattress for guests? Maybe a couch with a removeable, washable slip cover like at Ikea or Potterybarn?

I've thought about a low bench, like an Ikea shelf turned sideways, to put under the picture window for storage and seating but the in-floor heater vent is right in the middle of that wall, close to the wall. Oh, and I'm deathly afraid of one of the kids leaning back too hard and shattering that window. Like I said, it's original to this house and super thin. Hmmm...

I'd love your ideas, thoughts, anything you've got for me!


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