Anyone love "to do" lists as much as I do? 13 things on today's list. #thursdaythirteen #random #SAHM #motherhood

I love "to do" lists!

It focuses my energy onto a few simple steps and gives me that accomplished feeling each time I draw through them with a thick, black marker.

Here's today's "to do" list:

1. It's sheet-changing day! I've got three beds to strip the sheets from, wash and dry said sheets and then, remake.

2. Call Emler Swim school in Austin, TX and get the kids both signed up for 2 weeks of daily swim lessons. We are headed to AUSTX again for nearly 3 weeks the day after school lets out for the summer and this is the number one requested activity from Emily.

3. Deposit the check from Office Max to replace my printer. FINALLY! Then, I have to go and purchase a new printer this weekend. It's weird, having immediate access to print anything and everything you need and want one minute and then, suddenly not having. I feel so crippled by it.

4. Prepare the PTA's bank deposits so I can get to the bank tomorrow.

5. Charge the re-chargable batteries in my camera so I can upload the pictures from last night's Open House.

6. Get started on cable/internet research for when our contract with Comcast expires next month. We enjoy the service but $210/mo is outrageous to me and I miss having all the features of having a dish.

7. Finish meal planning for next week so I can shop on Saturday. I've got Nob Hill's, Safeway's, and Target's prices compared I just need to look up Lucky's ad and decide which is the cheapest store to shop at this week.

8. Do today's Barre3 workout and track today's food and fitness on

9. Take a shower!

10. Pick Emily up from school in 2 hours.

11. Schedule a haircut for all four of us.

12. Pick up Emily's glasses.

13. Go to bed 30 minutes early tonight so I can actually read more than a page of two before falling asleep. Working out has me feeling physically taxed these days to the point that I literally melt into the sheets every night the moment I slip into them.


  1. Oh yes, I love to-do lists. I feel so scattered and stressed out if I'm not organized and able to know I've done what I needed to.


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