From two to ten - a haircut really ages them! #kids #toddlers #motherhood

Is there anything that makes your toddler son look more grown up than a haircut?!?

I think not!

I took Nolan over to iSalon in Alameda to have them correct a perpetual stint of really bad, layered, Great Clips cuts.

I know the owner and am so pleased with how the cut turned out.

They thinned out his hair all over and are letting the layers grown up so his overall hairstyle will be less bulky.

He's always so good while getting a haircut but today was a real milestone because he sat in the chair all by himself!

He was quite enthralled with the iPad they gave him which was full of kid's books and games. I keep the kids away from i devices for the most part - I need that ace in the hole for upcoming, lengthy road trips. :)

Check out those baby blues my boy has.

Now that you can see them!


  1. Oh my gosh! I know! And it makes you want to cry! This is when you start singing to them "Oh darling, don't you ever grow up! No never grow up!" And yes, it's amazing how a good hairdresser can fix all of the "good enough" hair cuts :)


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