Nolan: 2yrs 11.5mos and he wants to do it "all by yourself"!!! #tuesdaytoddlertales #toddlers #kids #motherhood

Nolan is just a few weeks shy of three years old and to every single request I make throughout every single day, he replies with "all by yourself".

That means he wants to do it all by himself.

If I dare try to help, make a suggestion about how to do it or refuse to allow him to do it all by himself because we are in a hurry, he goes limp.

I'm talking full-on wet-dishrag-that-weighs-50lbs-crumpled-to-the-floor-limp.

There is no moving him and there's no convincing him.

He wants to do everything all by himself so, I have learned to sit back, relax and encourage him by building in about 30 extra minutes into everything we need to do (like pick Emily up from school, leave Target, go upstairs for nap time and even having lunch!).

Just a few things he wants to do all by himself these days include but aren't limited to:
  • getting in/out of the car, buggy, stroller, ride-on toys, amusement park rides and his highchair
  • shutting/opening ALL doors including those of the car when on a busy road
  • pushing shopping carts
  • going up/down stairs
  • using an escalator - this one is painful, people because it takes like 50 steps for him to get brave enough to hop on!
  • using the remote to open/close the garage door
  • riding his balance bike and scooter around the neighborhood including up and over any sidewalk cracks that would be considered impossible by the majority
He's so confident in himself and we are so proud of that and want to be supportive but sheesh, our days move at a snail's pace lately...


  1. Sounds about right for his age :). It definitely helps to just plan on everything taking longer, but it can really drive you nuts, eh? Henry likes to do a lot of those things on his own too.


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